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Biomass Energy Facility



What is the Biomass Energy Facility?

This facility established an energy cost stabilization plan, in which a new biomass energy conversion system was added to provide energy from wood chips. This resulted in a double benefit:

  • The new system lowers energy production costs by fully utilizing the biomass energy supply system.

  • Long-term dependability of a flexible energy system — in addition to wood chips, the entire facility, which includes the gas-fired boilers, will continue to have the ability to use natural gas to adapt to changes in market prices.


Why are wood chips a great fuel alternative?

Though natural gas prices are currently at very low levels, by using locally harvested wood chips, our customers can be insulated against the volatile fossil fuel prices of the last 15 years. Best of all, Griffiss Park tenants on this system will not have to make any changes to convert to this new fuel source.


State and local recognition

As a vote of confidence, the facility received a grant of $1.5 million through Governor Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council. The facility is an important part of the Mohawk Valley Region’s strategic plan to promote green practices and promote business growth.



A greener solution

GUSC Energy is able help you meet important environmental guidelines by using wood chips – a sulfur-free, renewable, and locally-produced fuel source. The CO2 emissions associated with the energy used in the park are reduced by 26 percent. Depending on individual carbon footprints, some customers will receive an even more significant carbon reduction.


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