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Biomass Energy Facility



Tenants will see greater energy efficiency and reduced energy costs for heat and power, better energy reliability through on-site power generation, and less dependence on fossil fuels like natural gas and oil.

Using biomass rather than conventional fuels for energy generation results in a substantial savings in net CO2 emissions that could be as much as removing 2,700 automobiles from the local roadways.1


Long-term fuel costs will be lower and more controllable using local wood resources instead of fossil fuels. 

Fuel supply contracts have been made with local wood-fuel providers, ensuring that money spent on fuel remains within the local economy.

The facility creates opportunities for the Park to attract additional “green” tenants, supporting local and regional economic development initiatives through job creation.

Provides self-sustaining, uninterrupted power supply with suitable transportation in the event of an emergency.



1 Assumes CO2 emitted by biomass conversion is carbon neutral. Calculation only includes avoided plant air emissions and does not represent a full life cycle analysis.

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